Be a Sunflower

Be a Sunflower

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I felt melancholy

I felt sad.

I felt my life is bad.

Suddenly I glimpsed on

A bunch of sunflowers

Upon the hills,

Some on the window sills.

They danced in the breeze,

The wind murmured in the hills.

As they soaked the warmth

Of the ????

Caring two hoots about anyone.

I learnt a lesson in my life,

Be like a sunflower in your strife.

Spread the glow and the warmth

Face the winds and the storms,

Radiate the happiness and keep the spirit high.

Look up radiant to the sky,

Even if life is utter lie,

Inner happiness should not die.

Rise, hold your head, and shine

Lead your life don't whine.

Beat the weather and the storm,

Shatter the stereotypes and break the norm,

Be unique and be you,

Let you be successful in whatever you do.

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Soma  Mukherjee

HR Corporate trainer, model, actor, food blogger, beauty pageant winner, FB contest winner, a passionate writer.


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