Change Perspective to watch Marathi Movies creating a Better niche in Industry | Neel Deshpande

Change Perspective to watch Marathi Movies creating a Better niche in Industry | Neel Deshpande

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महफ़िल सज रही थी मेरी हार के लिए, में तो जीत का जश्न मनाता उड़ रहा था!! – नील

He is studying BSc Botany, but his interest in writing made him enter film industry. He also won award like Most Inspiring Man on the Earth 2022, which boosted him to write more. He is also a social worker and regularly participate in various events of Rotaract Club. Specifically he like to write film reviews, personality development blogs, book reviews etc. He has done several editing works, poster and event designs as well. His goal to start writing for his first film. In this interview we are featuring Neel Deshpande talking about his journey as a writer and social worker. 

FailWiseA brief introduction about yourself?

Neel: Well, Introduction about me, is I am Neel Deshpande, 25, and wish to create a big buzz in Marathi Film Industry through my writing and my website. I was not a studious person from first, which made me attract attention to these things related to Films and creativity. I have a lot of effect of movies, through which I started writing films, but on very low process, still to explore more. But simultaneously started Blogging, Writing Film Reviews, and making my mind engaged in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

FailWiseWhat was your childhood dream and what did you do to fulfill it?

Neel: Everyone has different Childhood dreams. I had it too. My childhood dream was to become a chef, which probably didn’t happen. I was and I am good at cooking, trying new recipes, and eating them too. Also I love to travel a lot, that’s the thing I would love to continue further too. Travel.  Speaking as of now, Chef is not in my mind now. As I have really gone further from this thought, it is just a hobby now.

FailWiseTell us about your professional/ other life journey?

Neel: Speaking about my Professional Journey, well it is not too short and not too long. I started my career, by getting admission for BSc course in my hometown, which unfortunately left behind. Ever since I developed a habit of being on social media intensively, it diverted my mind to go deeper in it. Also writing was another factor. But it didn’t happen till I learned it professionally. Especially the lockdown period was very crucial for me. As there was no financial backup and job security, I started thinking of getting it by my own way, which led me start my website, and write film reviews. Firstly response was not that great. Though my language was simple and point to point writing, it was always tough for me to write it as it needs a clear mind and understand the cinema properly. But I am on it, and surely will cope up with this world.

FailWiseHow was your experience in your previous work or job/s?

Neel: Yes, experience about last job was very nice. I was in learning process. New People, New Places. Particularly to mention, I am a Photographer too. So new projects, Stills, it was fantastic. I was working with a big production house in Marathi film Industry, and handling social media for their upcoming film. I use to sit with producers and my team for discussions and it was very nice thing happen to me that time. I will be always grateful for the people who helped me and pushed me for that job and getting to know the Industry very closely.

FailWiseWhat was the inner voice that was resonating within you at that time?

Neel: Frankly speaking there was only a voice that said to me “Neel, Work, that is the only thing you have in your hand. Just work and success will be yours. Also sometimes there was no voice. As there was no time limit to work. I remember, for my short film we sat on editing table till 4 am in morning and again went for another shoot at 7 am in morning the same day, just to complete that shoot before the sun heat rises. So, there was not limit for work and no limit for time. 24/7 work.

FailWiseWhat is your favorite self-talk topic? How do you spend time when you are alone?

Neel: My self-topic is improvisation within myself. Like what I did the last time, when the same situation occurred and what should I do now, to get it solved? Also I write. So mostly self- topic is about writing only. Working on screenplay, story, and characters. This is world I love to be with. I also love reading. So when I am doing nothing, I read. The more time I spend on Social Media, the more time I read. It could be anything, newspapers, articles, books, E-books, anything.

FailWiseWhat inspired you to change your job and to start something new?

Neel: More than Inspiration, frankly there was frustration. The year 2020, was a frustrating year. No one could do nothing and just sit at home. For me, it was a devastating year, as it also made me financially very weak. I didn’t had money to spend on food too. I was in a different city at that time, and my family supported me financially till they can. But then the peak point came, where they too folded their hands to support me. That’s when I made my mind to shift from what I am working to my real goal, I can say. I returned back to my hometown in lockdown, and started by blogging, Digital Marketing, and Writing here, which I am continuing still.

FailWiseWhat was your first step towards fulfilling your dream?

Neel: My first step to fulfill my dream was to make contacts in Film Industry. Without contacts, you may survive but would not receive work. So contacts was and is important for me. Like actors, directors, producers. Also another step was to create my website. To tell, I have made my website by myself. The design, the color, and the pattern everything is made by me. I made it a point that, learning does not give you any bad effect in your life. It either teaches you what to do, and not to do. So I self-learned website building, which might sound easy, but when you sit, you have many things to handle, which is not a doll-game. So yes Contacts and Website Building are two things.

FailWiseWhat was the response from your family, friends, and colleagues?

Neel: Response from Family was and is great and supporting. They are backing me always. At initial stage when I started with blogging they didn’t know where this would lead me, like financially. For that matter, even now I am not earning a penny from blogging, nor is my family situation so great. But when they understood exactly what I am trying to do, they are supporting me strongly. My friends and colleagues, so I don’t work in any office. So no colleagues. My friends circle is very limited. I am an introvert person for communication. Not for any other work or medium. I am a member of Rotaract Club, so there are no chances there to be Introvert. But in my work space, I like to be with myself more than going out and chilling with my few friends. So yes, small circle of friends.

FailWiseWere you afraid? What was your biggest fear at that time and how did you overcome that?

Neel: No. I wasn’t afraid. I had knew what this will lead me to. And I am glad, that my intuition wasn’t wrong. Good things take time. I am here to create something new, creative and big. And I know that. Also writing and reading gave me different perspectives to look at my life situations positively. So, I started to deal with them, keeping in mind that this too shall pass, and something good is waiting for me in future, and this thought never gave me any side effect, but just made me always realize to not stop working hard, for my ultimate goal.

FailWiseWhat was the greatest challenge during this new journey? How did you face it?

Neel: My greatest Challenge was to understand what Film Industry is demanding now, and to cover up that with learning new things, and to make way through it. 2020 Lockdown made people rise on digital media. Hence Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, all these avenues opened vastly and rapidly. So learning that, trying to be different, become a solution-oriented than to be question-oriented was a big challenge for me. I had this issue, which was required attention, and I am trying to solve it till now, maybe around 80% it is solved. By learning things, understanding the main criteria for what can be done is the way through. But yes, this was my and is my greatest challenge.

FailWiseTell us about those attempts that were not successful, but you learned a lot from them?

Neel: There are many attempts. I learned many things also. One important thing I learned that never be dependent on anyone. Once you are, you have to face many things, a lot things. For giving example, I had applied to a well-known social media agency in a city, where I was expecting a positive response from them, but that didn’t happen. Instead they gave me some reasons for not taking me on job. I was upset, but decided to look exactly why the application got rejected. I got to know that, and I recovered it through my website. Later, I did send my website link and made it a point to let know them, that I am expertise in that sector for what you rejected me. So that’s how it is. I learned a skill, which took me at a very upward direction in my life and I use it now as a daily one.

 FailWise: If you had to start over, what would you do differently?

Neel: No I don’t want to start over. Rather, I would like to make some people realize the things which they didn’t see in me, and always complained about it, and would like them to know that I have that in me. But I needed time and guidance to make things go in correct way.

FailWiseWhat is the mantra that you think is your real power?

Neel: My Mantra or real power which I have is I am clear on my decisions now. I know what exactly what I want and what can be done to achieve it. It is just matter of time and patience, everything falls at the right place, in right time and I believe in it.

FailWiseIf time travel is possible and you are allowed to meet your younger version, what advice you want to give to your younger self.

Neel: If time travel is possible, I would love to advice my younger version that, please listen to what your heart says. Do what you want and not what your parents or relatives want you to do. It might lead you to difficult path, but just stay on it and success is yours. Be Bold, confident and straight-forward for what you are saying or speaking and be loyal to your words. Nothing comes easy in life, you have to do many things to achieve your goals, and by hook or crook you should do that.

FailWiseTell us about your current venture/ job that you are pursuing and how do you see it in the future?

Neel: My current job/venture is my website. My aim is to write film reviews, take personality interviews and grow my blog.  In future, I am planning to take my platform globally active. With more personalities featured on my blog website.

FailWiseWho is your ideal personality and what lesson you have learned from them and how do you apply it in your regular life?

Neel: There are many Ideal Personalities. Like from Industry, Real life, but I tend to not take anything from them, as they have faced their difficulties in their time. What I take from them is their lookout to that problem. How they tackle with various situations. I love films. So making films is an art. From Writing, Direction, Cinematography it is really a work people should respect. From that point of view, I really look up to Mr. Rohit Shetty. He is fantastic person in and out.

FailWiseWhat advice do you want to give to any beginner and other FailWise readers?

Neel: Advice to Beginner or FailWise Reader. I am not that senior to give advice. Like I am in a teenage and exploring life in many ways, so I really won’t advice, but the only thing I can say through my experiences is that:  Just be Consistent. Like do what you want to do, please don’t take any burden of life. There is only one life, and we have to live it fulfilled.

FailWiseAwards, accolades, or any recognition that you and your venture received?

Neel: Well, as my venture is new so I am awaiting for the awards for it. But personally, I am awarded with Most Inspired Man on the Earth 2022 by IIU. Also as of now, I am nominated as Best Informative Speaker for RKDx Speaker Excellence Awards.

FailWiseLinks or URLs or your website, social media profile, a website of your venture or organization, etc.

Neel: Yes please visit my website www.neeldeshpande.in for film reviews, personality’s interviews and more.


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