Dear Father in Heaven | A Poem from the Heart

Dear Father in Heaven | A Poem from the Heart

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Is my dad with you?

Can you please tell him I love him true.

I remember his love and care,

Scoldings and angry stare,

I remember he always wanted me to be the best,

Shine like a star among the rest.

I remember his ethics and values,

His pearls of wisdom and not being narrow,

He wanted me to be bold and empowered,

Be rooted to the ground and be powered.

His words or morals,

Are etched in my mind.

He wanted me to look like a queen,

Still be humane and kind.

What ever I am ,I am because of him,

Dear Dad,I am sure you would have been proud,

As your "Pappu" tried to fullfil dreams of her dad.

Dear Father in heaven,

I want to thank you from bottom of my ❤️

Miss you and at times it kills me apart.

#Soma Mukherjee

Soma  Mukherjee

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