Even Eagles Need a Push | a Poem | FailWise

Even Eagles Need a Push | a Poem | FailWise

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Even Eagles need a push,

To soar high, fly or ambush.

Even lions are scared,

When the prey they lurked

Turns back and attack's,

Even the ice can turn ice,

Melt or boil rice,

Even the Earth burns,

When ???? cries,

Or forest ???? shears,

Even the rich or the mighty,

Arrogant or haughty,

Go through lives miseries,

Through death or devastations,

And have to bow to the Almighty.

What are you proud of

About money, power or lust?

Remember you are ashes,

Or you will turn into dust.

#Soma Mukherjee

Soma  Mukherjee

Soma Mukherjee, also known as Amos, is a versatile personality based in Bangalore. In addition to holding an MBA degree, she has earned 40 certifications as a corporate trainer. Soma offers training services to campuses, corporates, and through Government or CSR projects. She is a prolific writer, a dedicated social worker, and has won various awards for her corporate training skills. Soma is the winner of the BTB Story Teller and Best Booster Poet awards, as well as several other contests. She advocates for sustainable living and beauty and is often invited as a celebrity guest in Bangalore. Soma's training services empower women and help youth find employment opportunities. She has been recognized with several awards for her achievements, both in India and abroad. Soma's aspirations include writing solo, expanding her knowledge, traveling, and achieving her goals.


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