FailWise Story of British Scientist Michael Faraday. It Wasn't Easy!

FailWise Story of British Scientist Michael Faraday. It Wasn't Easy!

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I have far more confidence in the one man who works mentally and boldly at a matter than in the six who merely talk about it”

The inspirational historic quote was stated by one of the most renowned British Scientists who is known for his exceptional contribution and achievements in the fields of Electromagnetism and Electrochemistry. The principles of Electromagnetic induction, Diamagnetism and Electrolysis are considered as an iconic achievement by Faraday which made him popular all across the globe. Faraday was born on September 22nd, 1791 at Newington Butts, London, United Kingdom and died on August 25th, 1867 at Hampton Court Palace, Molesey, United Kingdom. Royal MedalCopley MedalRumford Medal are a few among the list of awards given to him for his dedication.

Michael Faraday’s Life Struggles and Failures:

1. Faraday belonged to an extremely poor family where his father worked as blacksmith to earn a living for entire family and his mother was a servant before her marriage. Entire family was gripped under the darkness of poverty and depression.

2. The poor situation did not allowed Faraday to continue his complete education in the school and accordingly he attended his schools only up to primary classes for basic education up to an age of 13 years.

3. Faraday started working as a delivery boy for a book shopkeeper and succeeded in impressing his employer with his best efforts and hard works due to which he has been made apprentice book binder there.

4. Faraday managed to study scientific books in overtime owing to his passion of reading more and more books and got inspired with the famous books “The Encyclopedia Britannica’ and ‘Conversations in Chemistry’.

5. Faraday along with his brother Joseph Henry who was also a blacksmith and lived in poverty together managed to become apprentice, read scientific books, became laboratory assistants and their dedication towards the scientific fields ultimately resulted and two of the currently named SI units have been coined along with both the brother’s name.

6. The consistent struggle led him to invent Electromagnetic Rotation in 1821, Gas Refrigeration in 1823, discovery of Benzene in 1825, discovering the concept of Electromagnetic Induction in 1831 followed by Laws of Electrolysis in 1834 and invention of Faraday Cage in 1836.

After such greatest contributions, this iconic personality died at an age of 75 years and up to this period he enjoyed his life with his wife Sarah who also got buried in the same grave of London.


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But still try, for who knows what is possible... -Michael Faraday


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