“Focus & consistency are the key” Jayashree & Rajashree, Founders of Colorsootra

“Focus & consistency are the key” Jayashree & Rajashree, Founders of Colorsootra

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Our country India is a proud land of almost 30 types of textile crafts and weaves. The sari, the strong standing symbol of the Indian woman is not recognized globally and adorned by many. A 6 m (or 9 m in some cases) piece of cloth that can be wrapped around in over 100 plus ways. Keeping this fun fact alive, we'd like to introduce you to Colorsootra, a contemporary brand retracing the glorious history of Indian textile crafts and narrating its rich artisanal legacy through handcrafted pieces. Colorsootra is an idea, for the perennially evolving women of today, simplifying the task of building a timeless trousseau and everyday luxury. 

Beautifully woven gossamer sarees of Banaras and Maheshwar; organic Kanchivaram drapes from Tamil Nadu and traditional ikats from Pochampally sit pretty in the gorgeous Colorsootra boutique away from the bustling city of Bangalore. As a cultural design house, Colorsootra’s objective is to teach their customer the historical relevance of this craft and give them a chance to learn—by not tampering with traditional designs. 

On this Women’s day, we are happy to feature the story of Jayashree and Rajshree, Founders of Colorsootra. Both sisters, mothers, and doting wives to their husbands are trying to defy the notion of women in business in the otherwise traditional family set-up. 


Background and journey as an entrepreneur

Started by the sister duo from Coorg: Jayashree & Rajashree (J/R), a quintessential left brain - right brain combination with Rajashree steering design and Jayashree in charge of the business. Jayashree is an ex software engineer who runs a resort in Coorg and an expecting mom and Rajashree a commerce graduate from Jain University with PGDM from EDI, Ahmedabad who handles family business and also a mother of 2 small kids. 

In their words “it’s our love for the finest handloom weave led to the birth of Colorsootra. Our shared dream is not only to create a timeless design but to also build a strong brand community of like-minded people.”

FailWise: Tell us about Colorsootra and other ventures you have founded 

J/R: This is our first independent venture. However, Jayashree has been managing The Casiita in Coorg for over 7 years and Rajashree has been handling the family business for 5 yrs. 

FailWise: When was your eureka moment when you thought of becoming an entrepreneur?

J/R: Becoming an entrepreneur came naturally to us since we come from a business family. Our dad is into hospitality and grandfather used to be a timber & paddy merchant while being coffee planters alongside. Since we wanted to have exposure before heading back to Coorg, Jayashree worked in Accenture as a software engineer and Rajashree in Standard Chartered Bank in sales.

FailWise: What were your fears and challenges while starting Colorsootra (family or professional challenges), and how did you conquer them?

J: Moving to Bangalore and staying away from my husband who is in the Indian Army has been a challenge, also managing my pregnancy alone.

R: Juggling pregnancy, kids, family business and managing Colorsootra has been a Herculean task. 

Another huge challenge was to keep Colorsootra afloat during Covid-19. We were less than 2 months old when the nationwide lockdown was announced. However, we learned to balance work & family with clear communication with family. With better time management and discipline, we have tried to achieve it. 

FailWise: What is the best lesson you have learned from your journey? Any advice to budding entrepreneurs? 

J/R: Focus & consistency is the key. Set clear goals on what you want to achieve and continuously work on it. My advice for women who have started out on an entrepreneurial journey is to do their groundwork well before venturing. That will lay a strong foundation.

FailWise: Tell us about those attempts that were not successful, but you learned a lot from them. In simple words “what not to do”! 

J/R: Since we are boots tapped, all our plans have been carefully planned. We never take abrupt decisions since we started the business with our savings.

FailWise: What keeps you motivated and inspired even at your low times? 

J/R: If our business could survive and thrive during Covid-19, we are ready to face any crisis on earth.

FailWise: If time travel is possible and you can meet your younger version, what advice would you want to give to your younger self.

J/R: To have more added skillsets when free time wasn’t a luxury.

FailWise: Any message that you want to give on Women’s day.

J/R: Make sure of balancing family life with work life. It is not easy as we talk about it. It requires a lot of discipline and time management. No matter what material success gives you, your family should always be your priority.

FailWise: Where can we find ColorSootra? 

WebSite: www.colorsootra.com

Instagram & Facebook : @colorsootra


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