How to Move on and Start Again

How to Move on and Start Again

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At one time, not all that long ago, if a person took a job in a secure industry, it would be theirs for life, only changing it if they felt that they had a pressing reason to do so. In more recent times many companies have looked to reduce their overheads by cutting property costs and staff, two major sources of expenditure. They have moved into using more sophisticated technology, hot desking, centralized departments and contractors or consultants.

This has resulted in the work environment becoming more unsettled. Many people are feeling vulnerable in their jobs, often working long hours and traveling greater distances, whilst being constantly accessible by computer and mobile phone. Often people change their work situation many times in their lives. As a counselor, I am regularly seeing clients who are overstressed, not sleeping enough, working weekends, often with less support in the workplace.

This state is exacerbated if a person has a domestic situation that is reliant on a good income to support it, a young family, school fees, a mortgage can all increase that sense of being trapped by it all, fearful of challenging the growing number of tasks that they are being asked to perform.

But sometimes a person may decide to step out of it all and take charge of their own situation, or their hand may be pushed by redundancy or business failure, or an impossible offer to relocate or downgrade their status or position.

This can then provide the momentum and impetus to re-evaluate life and take a chance on something that may have seemed unlikely or impossible in other circumstances. A 'why not have a go' mentality can surface from the devastation of redundancy or losing a business. By taking small steps and improving personal levels of confidence, motivation, focus and self-esteem it is possible to work through the trauma of feeling on the scrap heap and really start to recover a powerful sense of purpose and enthusiasm for life and work once more. Many people find that they end up feeling that this situation was the start of a positive turning point in their lives.

This is a good time to think of key skills and interests. Working in an area of interest or competency gives added determination and commitment to succeed. It can be helpful to take the opportunity to have a personality or key skills analysis. Some government agencies or recruitment consultants provide this service, and it is a useful way of identifying potential career directions and particular areas of ability or talent. Grants or low-cost loans are often available for retraining in a career like teaching or a trade. They will not compensate for a salary, but some financial support can help through the temporary transition stage.

Identifying a niche area in the service sector that needs filling has provided major opportunities for many small businesses to emerge and thrive. Often these businesses require minimal investment, yet often result in very satisfying outcomes. Some people have the money necessary to invest in an existing proven formula and so commit to a franchise opportunity. This provides the branding, training and structure to slot into, whilst at the same time setting up and running one's own business. In this way people often find that they achieve a better work/life balance, may well be working from home and putting in long hours, but feel more in control, are doing something that they have chosen to do, are able to suit themselves as to which hours they work, and so have a more flexible lifestyle arrangement.

Often these new opportunities bring their own setbacks and challenges, but these can be regarded as learning experiences, to be relished and learned from, to grow from as a result. Just like an athlete who is training for a big event, failure is part of the winning formula.

Another part of starting again is, remember your network. Who do you know, and more importantly, who do they know? Everyone has something like 250 contacts, so by being friendly, cultivating your network of people - neighbors, people at the gym, parents at school, chatting to people you meet - you never know where a new opportunity may come from. By keeping smart, interested and interesting you will find that you attract people and opportunities to you, which can lead to the new, unexpected doors opening.


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