I am a Lotus

I am a Lotus

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When the sun was warm,

A lotus bloomed in a murky pond.

"What is your story?"

Asked the bud.

Lotus said, "I bloom to be in the present,

With no history.

I bloom among the muck and mud,

When the world is down or sad,

I rise high with my head held high,

Shining alone.

I want to show,

Whatever is my bitter past,

We can surge ahead.

Glow alone unspoken, unspoiled

Shine like a polished diamond.

Among the murky moat,

I serenely float.

When April showers,

Among the muck, I rise,

To make the world a paradise.

My flowers leave a stamp,

I emerge

With the awaking of the universe.

A higher consciousness emerges,

To break all the stigma,

Fight the dogma.

Beating the ordinary,

To be extraordinary

My petals seek,

Musty winds of a gentle breeze,

Dewdrops seek,

Higher power.

Sprinkle some magic dust in the shower,

I am a symbol of love, peace, serenity

Yet being gentle in power.

A spiritual union of universality

I soak the calmness of the moon,

Droplets of June.

I am an Enigma,

To preach Dharma

And have a good Karma".

Soma  Mukherjee

HR Corporate trainer, model, actor, food blogger, beauty pageant winner, FB contest winner, a passionate writer.


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