Last Tango | a Poem by Soma Mukherjee

Last Tango | a Poem by Soma Mukherjee

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On a warm night I can see,

Dancing fireflies around the tree.

As the moon glanced over the sea

My heart wanted your soul dipped in me.

I wanted a last Tango

Or a rain dance

Dancing in a trance.

Heart's frozen but entwined.

A stolen moment 

Or a last embrace

Tight hugs or an embrace

A wet kiss 

Or last whisper

moments of bliss.

Let us dance last time

Before we depart

And our lives be apart.

A dance beneath the stars.

A last Tango if no tomorrow

There is no pain no sorrow.



A passage to eternity.

Soma  Mukherjee

HR Corporate trainer, model, actor, food blogger, beauty pageant winner, FB contest winner, a passionate writer.


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