Dear Maa | Mother's Day Poems

Dear Maa | Mother's Day Poems

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Letter to my Maa

Dear Maa,                         

Though you hardly express,

I know I am loved and blessed,

At times it's difficult to express,

How much you mean to me in my happiness or duress, 

It's painful when dad is in heaven,

Blinded by tears we can't smile even.

You are all I have now and forever 

I wish you a long life ever.

Cheer up and we are together.

When I was sad and forlorn,

You cheered me up and sang a song.

I have learnt to be empowered and strong,

Cheer up ma we are strong "Bongs".

Gift of Love

You filled my heart with dreams and aspirations, 

A dare to think different and manage my emotions.

A power to think and be different,

You filled my life with the rainbow lights,

A gentle light that pours like moon light.

I often dream of you rising like the golden sun,

Envisioning me of golden horizon.

I dream to be who I am,

Based on your vision.

Life is to live on,

Marching on with our love song,

Your values and ethics,

Inspire me to be strong and not be basic. 

Mother's are the only unconditional love,

I understood that more when I became "'Ma".

Moonlight and Her Aura

Your love is like the Moonlight, 

Straining thorough a broken window. 

A gift of gentle love ,pure and with glow.

As a swan swimming on an effervescent river ,

I am envisioning you at times in my prayers .

Dear Lord,grant her a healthy life,

Let her be happy in her strife,

We love your Maa and don't worry,

You will be good and we would not be sorry.

Life and it's struggles often make you sad

But we are in together and not doing bad.

Dad is happy watching us do better,

Tomorrow will be wonderful as we go-getters.

Let's hold our hands mutter our prayer, 

Journey of life will go on and for ever.

#Soma Mukherjee 

Soma  Mukherjee

Soma Mukherjee, also known as Amos, is a versatile personality based in Bangalore. In addition to holding an MBA degree, she has earned 40 certifications as a corporate trainer. Soma offers training services to campuses, corporates, and through Government or CSR projects. She is a prolific writer, a dedicated social worker, and has won various awards for her corporate training skills. Soma is the winner of the BTB Story Teller and Best Booster Poet awards, as well as several other contests. She advocates for sustainable living and beauty and is often invited as a celebrity guest in Bangalore. Soma's training services empower women and help youth find employment opportunities. She has been recognized with several awards for her achievements, both in India and abroad. Soma's aspirations include writing solo, expanding her knowledge, traveling, and achieving her goals.


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