"Nostalgia" is a Reminder of the Best Times, and the Determination | Meet "Prachetan Potdar"

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Sometimes "Nostalgia" provides is a gentle reminder of the best times, and the determination to stay inside and flatten the curve, so we can return to the activities for which we felt nostalgia in the first place. He is one of those extraordinary souls who is known for writing, advertising in a creative direction, and hosting interviews in an interesting spontaneous manner.  In short an answer to one’s true calling. his hashtag #PenPaperPrachetan promotes positive vibes through motivational quotes, and messages. He is none other than  Prachetan Potdar!!

One of the popular books on amazon kindle " Meri Kavita Mere Liye" is nothing but  Prachetan's recent treat of 24 poems based on different life experiences full of sarcasm, dark humour, realistic fantasy and many more. Whatever the stress – work, relationships, money – a shot of laughter will help you reassess the situation from a more positive viewpoint. Response to Prachetan Potadar's ebook was the real epitome of this response.

This eBook is exclusively available over Amazon and Amazon Kindle on this link https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09T88F3HM

Every brand has stories to tell—stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. And Mr Prachetan is the conduit between brand and consumer. He helps clients find the subject and medium that best fits their unique identity, and then I produce high-quality content that meets their objectives.

Prachetan's specialities include digital media, consumer behaviour, brand awareness, Ad Film Making, Creative Direction, and Story Writing. He is a firm believer in "repurposing content in order to broaden the reach of your message"

At Last Prachetan Said: "You don’t need to wait for someone else to hire or publish your writing. You can start a  post on your own page, blog or website, sharing the answers to things you think your readers would like to know about you. Build a consistent routine then you can ask your readers to provide the input or suggestions by themselves "

Achievement in Brief:

1) Featured in kalam book of world records as a writer/compiler

2) Featured in the emerging list of writer's 2021 by sweety cat publications  for his scholarly article about content creation with regional languages on apps

3) Recently Received an award as "Best Influencer" from RKDx Talks

4) Known for hosting over 150+  interviews on different platforms

5) Proud supporter of the saving a girl child mission

6) Think Tank of "Eduthon" - Learning Beyond Syllabus

7) Recently Featured in Revolution E-Magazine with his article about "Context of Virtual Education in India". 

8) Judged various debate and poetry, creative writing  competitions

9) Co-authored 10 anthologies

10) Got popularity about his recent eBook on Kindle "Meri Kavita Mere Liye" a poetry collection full of dark humour and a realistic approach

11) Founder of Stay Featured - a portal which brings unique success stories around you

12) Mentored team of mohran's productions who got featured in Guinness book of world records and India book of records for short just a wrap-this short film was screened over 16 international  festivals.

Media coverage for prachetan till now:

(1) https://republicnewsindia.com/id-like-to-explore-a-few-classic-ways-in-the-upcoming-book-prachetan-potdar/
(2) https://www.esakal.com/pune/todays-latest-marathi-news-21551
(3) https://theweeklymail.com/meet-cheerful-creative-personality-prachetan-potadar


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