“Hard work, Network and Humbleness are the key” Pooja Motwani, Founder of De$!ner, a committed entrepreneur and philanthropist

“Hard work, Network and Humbleness are the key” Pooja Motwani, Founder of De$!ner, a committed entrepreneur and philanthropist

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Entrepreneur Pooja Motwani (De$!neR) is not new to the world of fashion. Starting all of it at just the age of 17, she has established herself since 2004 as a designer, supplier, and exporter providing the best quality products to consumers across the world. Her exhibitions had started from Delhi (INDIA) and have reached as far places as the USA, Canada, St Maarten, London, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Singapore & Malaysia. She also has online stores that deliver products worldwide. With the grace of God and experience of almost 16 years exhibiting in Delhi & out of India De$!ner offers a complete range of Indian wear which includes suits, sarees, lehengas & costume jewelry designed by Pooja Motwani and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. 

Apart from designing, Ms. Motwani owns a brand My Rajasthan Concept & MOH Essentials Rose Gold Oil as well. Ms. Motwani has participated in the world Sindhi Sammelan San Francisco as an official fashion & jewelry designer and did a fashion show. She has also created organic, reusable, sustainable ajrak handmade mask collections during the COVID period. She has encouraged, consulted, and helped many girls to establish their own. She has contributed a lot to Kashmir floods, Nepal earthquake, Chennai floods, St. Marteen Hurricane & Kerala floods. Pooja & her team is running to feed the needy campaign for COVID-19 & have given ration to 3000 families.

This Women’s day we are happy to feature the success story of Ms. Pooja Motwani that would inspire many others to take a step forward to fulfill their dreams. 

FailWise: What is De$!ner and its uniqueness?

Pooja: Well I wanted to become a designer since the age of 11 & I wanted to get a tattoo as well, I was in Bangkok and my cousins were getting the tattoo done so I decided to get one too and & ended up getting De$!ner with a Dollar ($) sign as my first earning in Dollars. Since “G” is always silent so I removed that “G” to make it a designer one.

FailWise: What are the another brands you have other than “POOJA MOTWANI De$!ner”? 



FailWise: Where do you get your creative design ideas?

Pooja: For me, fashion is everywhere. Whatever you like can be an example of fashion. I personally do not follow any trend. I make what I like even colors or embroideries. I create from simple fabrics and handwork pipes, sequences, threads, etc. According to me creativity comes from inside and from your likings.

FailWise: What were your fears and challenges while starting your own brand De$!ner (family or professional challenges), and how did you conquer that? (please tell in detail).

Pooja: Well I never had any fear. I was always ready for a new challenge as I am a positive person and I do not think twice about taking a risk. I am always ready for new challenges. Yes, there is a time when I feel low because of work, when clients do not pay on time or just take your clothes and don’t pay, but I believe when you have support from family and have a positive attitude then nothing can stop you from being successful.

FailWise: Tell us about those attempts that were not successful, but you learned a lot from them. 

Pooja: There are a few incidences which I won't refer as 'unsuccessful attempts' but some bitter experiences:

(1) I trusted a friend, helped her and gave my contacts, shared my experience and a lot more, but we are no more friends.

(2) I gave credit to a few people; I mean clothes on credit and it was a huge amount and they did not pay the debt. These things make me weak as I trust people easily and they don’t value my efforts and hard work.

So the lesson I learned from these incidents is- Do not trust people so easily. It’s a process to build over a period of time. 

FailWise: What keeps you motivated and inspired even at your low times? 

Pooja: Love yourself & the world will love you, always support and help others & karma will show you the result.

FailWise: What is the best lesson you have learned from your journey? And what advice would like to give to someone (especially women) just starting out their entrepreneurial journey?

Pooja: Work hard, be social, make a network, be humble, be thankful & you will surely become a successful women entrepreneur. 

FailWise: Awards, accolades, or any recognition that you and your venture received.

Pooja: I have received “Seva Puraskar” in 2020, then Journalism award from Sandeep Marwah ji & now I am organizing empowering women award for 50 hardworking women in Delhi at “Constitution Club” of India.

FailWise: Where can we find you online? 

Website: www.poojamotwanidesigner.com

Instagram: @Designerpoojamotwani, @MYRAJASTHANCONCEPT, @MOHESSENTIALS

Facebook: Poojamotwanimua 

Indian wear – www.facebook.com/poojamotwaniwear

Social work – Helping Flood relief camp https://www.facebook.com/raahataid

Twitter: Pooja Motwani

SC: Designerpm

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Store Address: 

Pooja Motwani De$!neR

Pooja Designs-Shop No5535,

1st floor, Katra Rathi, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, India

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