Present Generation: Lost Values | A Poem

Present Generation: Lost Values | A Poem

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As I try to give values 

In the classroom to present generation,

Find some are bereft of human emotions.

And some of them lost on being human,

Not all are same I would say,

There are few whose parents give them values or ways,

Rest I find them in gadgets and games,

Where are they heading and how many will be sane?

Jobs are easy and so is education,

Swaying are the values and tradition,

All kids get brands and cars,

Where is the fun to buy a guitar?

They are few underprivileged ones,

Who work hard and make the lives better ones,

Colleges give jobs and placement assurance,

Students get best education,

Are they employable or best humans?

Parents help and give better values to present generation.

I am aware of generation gap,

But it's high time to Mind MAP.

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Soma  Mukherjee

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