Pure Souls- Confused by Society

Pure Souls- Confused by Society

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I often think about what brings two people together and by two people of course I mean the “obvious two” which came to your mind. I also meant “the not so obvious two” for which you may require a special boat of progressive thinking to sail through the sea of truth and tolerance. Now, this simple question is not so simple if it comes to a free mind, caged in the norms of society as complex as Indian society. Not to mention the additional bars put in the cages if the free mind decides to nest in a gender, tagged as second class by the society in the hierarchy of the human race.

My simple question had multiple answers and the more I pondered over it, I realised every answer was correct though relative. “Relative’’ can be considered as a secular word in my present piece as it broadens the horizon and acceptance of more than one truth and rejects the arrogance of “the truth”.

Human beings are considered the supreme creation of nature. The ability to think distinguishes them from all other marvellous creations. Of course, the direction in which each individual think, divides the race and like-minded free minds segregate themselves only on the basis of their thinking process and unite under a common umbrella. In this scenario, the union of two individuals will be purely driven by love, compassion and respect for each other’s thought. But with the barriers of religion, social status, caste, creed, gender etc. as high as mountain this idea seems purely hypothetical.

Man is a social animal and the inherent urge to stay under an umbrella nurtured the tolerance and acceptance of differences within the individuals. This urge was a nascent bar that matured over time with the dominance of one common thought process. It served as the very first foundation stone to the mountain of barriers or in other words society. Over time many such dominant thoughts overpowered free minds and contributed to the construction and development of society. The building blocks of society has been laid on the corpses of wild and free minds since time immemorial. This war of minds and explosion of discord led to the dissemination and germination of many societies slaying the human race into classes and categories. Each of these, have flourished like a wild weed captivating and nipping the budding possibilities of thinking otherwise.

The society drenched in power relishes in its realm with programmed individuals at its service. If you ever have to measure its power, just pick any individual and see the perforations made by the weapons of society like religion, social status, caste, creed, gender, colour differences, food habits, customs, beliefs, place of birth, time of birth and many more. Every society is guarded and surrounded by its mobile weapons so that no free mind can ever think of climbing the mountain and see what exists beyond.

In India, society has replaced the souls of most individuals to an extent that this statement can be almost considered as “the truth”. It unites two soulless individuals and rules the sperm to produce bonded labourers of a society programmed to serve it till its last breath. Many naive individuals fail to acknowledge that they are the basic functioning unit of this society- thanks to its microelements like education and modern thinking. They are often fueled or we can say fooled by an illusion that they think differently and float in their own bubble. They head towards the mountain and aspire to cross it someday. But the moment they leave the ground the society reminds them that the elements which sailed them high was only a loan and pricks the bubble, nail them to the ground and make them and pay back the principal with interest.

But everything is not as black and white as it appears. Many adamant and stubborn people have fought the multifaceted society and climbed the mountain only to discover numerous other mountains exist on the other side. The victorious people ended up in no man’s land and still figuring out its wilderness and a way to deal with it all by themselves. All they need is like-minded courageous people who can come together to build a space without any barriers because at the end of the day all human beings are social animals.

The microelements of society are nothing but oxygen to the traces of the free mind which remained scattered in many individuals and passed on generations after generations. Its relentless effort is striving to bring back the lost souls, conquer and redefine the society on the foundation of humanity.

So, coming back to my question what brings “the obvious two” together can be answered as “society”. But again, this answer is not “the truth” because this truth will be always challenged by free minds which is also a truth existing in coherence with society. And the answer to what separates “the not so obvious two” is also “society” and they are in a constant fight with the society together because of their free mind they nurtured within and refused to bow down to the norms of society.

samrun Nessa

I am a PhD scholar having a keen interest in multiple areas. I am known for taking unconventional paths. I love writing and I write about everything that stirs me to speak. I don't believe in genres of writing because a single genre can never translate the ocean of colours we have within.


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