Reveal your Inner Style with  Kenisha Styles-Epitome of Confidence

Reveal your Inner Style with Kenisha Styles-Epitome of Confidence

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Kenisha is a Fashionpreneur mastered from the topmost Fashion Institute. Styling is nothing but a Perception of Beauty for her. She believes that “Fashion should be creative as well as comfortable”. People are helped by her in choosing the most appropriate styles for them. Different beautiful designs have come into life through her excellent design skills. Kenisha Styles has been initiated by her as a Styling Agency for those who believe that fashion is not their cup of tea.

FailWise: Tell us about your background and journey as an entrepreneur?

Kenisha: Every story begins with a Passion. My passion for evolving fashion trends has portrayed me as a global Stylist / Image Consultant. After completing my graduation in 2009 I have breathed this vision.

I have completed my Masters in Fashion Apparel and Design from the School of Fashion Technology, Fashion Styling from the London School of Trends And Image Consulting from International Associations of Professions.

I started a Fashion Boutique in Mumbai exclusively for Lovely Ladies and would be Brides. Also served as Fashion Faculty in reputed colleges in Mumbai. Coming to Hyderabad in 2012 I joined an International school that offered Fashion Studies and Home Science in academics for the 1st time in Hyderabad. 

I am a Fashionprenuer and have gained immense experience in the International Fashion industry. Now it's time for bringing a new revolutionary phase in Fashion. And I am ready for it with Kenisha Styles.

Awards and Recognitions received-

India 5000 Women Achiever Award 2021

Grand Queen’s Leadership Award 2021

Remarkable Woman Award 2021 

FailWise: Tell us about your brand and other brands you have founded.

Kenisha: My bittersweet journey led me to be the proud Founder and CEO of Styling Impressions Pvt. Ltd which I have started in Hyderabad in January 2020. And finally, I achieved the most impeccable goal of my life i.e. my own brand “Kenisha Styles”. That gained Start-up India recognition in the 1st year of incorporation.

I love to be called a “Fashionprenuer” because of my immense experience in the International Fashion industry and my immaculate grooming skills among the B2B & B2C communities for over a decade.

With Kenisha Styles my ultimate goal is to re-imagine Fashion Imagery, deliver the most authentic personal styling experience, and deepen the customer funnel while transforming the purchasing journey of our clients.

At Kenisha Styles we’ve created a platform to leverage stylists & a service model to achieve a shared vision. With this, I also want to serve society and empower the women workforce through various socio-economic activities.

Currently executing our Corporate Social Responsibility, our team is involved in the production of Protective Gear (masks) for the safety of the folks of our nation.

Do visit Our Website for your Perfect Styling - https://www.kenishastyles.com/

FailWise: Who are your clients and what type of services you provide to them?

Kenisha: Kenisha Styles serves both B2B and B2C clients. Therefore, our clientele includes Business Owners and Executives, Engaged Couples, Women getting back to work after maternity, Media Production Houses, and many more. We provide them all personal styling tips for making them more adaptive to this fashion world.

Our major services comprise of -

●      Wardrobe Management & Personal Shopping

●      Wedding Styling & Shopping

●      Corporate Image Management  

●      Media & Campaign Styling   

FailWise: Which was your Eureka Moment when you thought of becoming an entrepreneur?

Kenisha: The Eureka Moment behind becoming an entrepreneur was basically when I noticed the gap in the fashion industry between the brands and the customer. Wherein brands are offering so much in terms of collections, designs, and sizes to their target audiences but a customer has no understanding of what to pick according to their body shape, size, their budgets, and their lifestyle.

People don't know what to wear regularly suiting to their profession. So, this is the pitch point that pushed me and where I came up with this idea of having a styling agency that will bridge this gap between the brands and their customers.

This is the major objective of the company to change the purchasing journey of the client by keeping an understanding of what suits your personality the best. And as you must know you have so many things that are already there in your wardrobes. It comes with a lot of process-oriented systems wherein we come on board as your stylist and help you with the same.

FailWise: What were your fears and challenges while starting your brand and how did you conquer them?

Kenisha: It's quite amazing to hear but I don't have any fear. As such because I've always believed that whatever you are passionate about you can just go ahead and do it. Failure is never a fear to anyone. That's how I have been raised since my childhood. My parents always motivated me to take on challenges.

And the biggest challenge we have been facing for the past year is of course this pandemic. It happened to be the biggest challenge of all over time. The other challenge is the acceptance by our customers of having a personal stylist. As you know it is quite amusing for a common person to have a personal stylist just like a celebrity. Having this acceptance to our clients was challenging and bringing awareness about our services is still challenging for us that's the thing.

FailWise: What is the best lesson you have learned from your journey? And what advice would like to give to someone just starting their entrepreneurial journey?

Kenisha: The best lesson that I have learned from my journey is never giving up on something very temporary. As challenges or problems will come and go in our life. Every problem has its solution. It's just that we have to give it a time or wait for the right time.

Never stop fighting for your dreams and just keep walking towards them with dedication. Just believe that everything will come back to you if it is for you. Just stay motivated.

FailWise: If time travel is possible and you can meet your younger version, what advice you want to give to your younger self.

Kenisha: If time travel is possible then I would love to advise my younger self that never wait for taking risks or for taking a big leap in your life. Because there is no perfect time to start, do not wait for anything and just go on doing what you feel is right. Always keep moving, the right path will come to you.

FailWise: Any message that you want to give?

Kenisha: Believe in Yourself!! Your Limitation is only Your Imagination…

Just Focus on Your Dreams and Start Working to Fulfill them.


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