“SPEAK, SHOWCASE, SUCCEED”  Kavitta B Bedi, a Serial Entrepreneur

“SPEAK, SHOWCASE, SUCCEED” Kavitta B Bedi, a Serial Entrepreneur

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Kavitta B Bedi, is the founder and CEO of JBC INC (Just Because its Children), and co-founder of Xtraview. At JBC INC she brings in Broadway theatricals from overseas for children and family audiences all across India. The repertoire of shows includes Barney Live, Spiderman Live, Noddy Live, Jungle Book Live, Geronimo Stilton Live etc. These shows have been done in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Dubai, Singapore etc.

An entrepreneur at heart, she is also an angel investor with investments in Tech Startups across Crowd Funding, Food Tech, Supply Chain, Health Tech and now Ed Tech. An alumna of Lady Shri Ram College and a specialist of Marketing Management from the Times School of Marketing, Kavitta’s corporate career includes heading communications for the British Council in India and being a part of the brand management team at Daewoo Motors. She is a spousal member of Young Presidents Organisation (YPO).

This Women’s day we are happy to feature the entrepreneurial story of Ms. Kavitta B Bedi that would inspire many others to take a step forward to fulfil their dreams. 

FailWise: Tell us about your background and journey as an entrepreneur.

Kavitta: Holding a bachelor's degree in Literature from Lady Shri Ram College and a master’s in marketing management, I was always drawn to both the world of communication and entrepreneurship. My professional roles included being a part of the brand management team at Daewoo Motors and also heading communications for The British Council in India. However, for me, being a mother took precedence over all else, and I gave up my corporate career when my daughter, Meher, was born. But the spark to do and the desire to achieve drove me to set up my ventures which allowed me to work around her schedule, and it was a gloriously freeing moment to realise that as an entrepreneur I was raring to go.

 FailWise: Tell us about Xtraview and other ventures you have founded. 

Kavitta: In today's times the two factors that contribute to success are communication and collaboration. And it is this skill of communicating effectively that is not homed in most students and it becomes the deterrent for them to achieve their dreams. I realised the importance of this skill and the gap that exists in the market, and hence Xtraview was born. Students need and now have the opportunity to prepare with Xtraprep and showcase the best version of themselves with Xtraview interviews. 

Another venture that I have founded is JBC INC (Just Because its Children) where we bring into India broadway shows of branded children's characters for family audiences. These theatrical extravaganza's while they entertain, also educate and teach children the concept of friendship, family, sharing, caring, loyalty etc. It is a unique way to combine entertainment, learning and EQ development of children. 

FailWise: When was your eureka moment when you thought of becoming an entrepreneur?

Kavitta: As an entrepreneur you must find the Eureka moment every day, because it is the passion that you have that keeps you going.

FailWise: What were your fears and challenges while starting your own venture and how did you conquer them?

Kavitta: I am one of those who dares to dream and then delivers. In both my ventures that I mentioned above, I have forayed into areas that don't exist in the Indian market. So, you first need to believe in your product even when there is no example to follow or use as a benchmark. Then you need to be a great communicator to be able to convince various stakeholders about the merit of your idea. Also, you need loads of hard work, there are no shortcuts.

I also believe that you need to be lean, and agile and don't be afraid to work with your own hands instead of sitting in an ivory tower and issuing instructions.

The gig economy has become fashionable today, but I have used this model to work since early 2000 and you can deliver great things with a great team where everyone works with good intent towards a common goal.

FailWise: What is the best lesson you have learned from your journey? 

Kavitta: I have learnt that we should value the relationships you make in the journey. Success, failure, profit, loss is all secondary compared to your own integrity and honesty in the work that you do and the relationships that you build. I can very proudly state that I can look any person in the eyes whom I have worked with in the many years of work and across the world. Also, this is true for all people that I have worked with, be it a painter building one of the show sets, or a business partner based overseas or a digital guide who may have built the Xtraview platform.

I would say to those starting out their journey that don't be afraid of going after what you believe you can make successful. Have the faith and confidence in your own ability. Don't be afraid to get pushed out of your comfort zone but always set boundaries and know when you need to pull out and stop. 

FailWise: Tell us about those attempts that were not successful, but you learned a lot from them. In simple words “what not to do”! 

Kavitta: The first show that I did with JBC INC bombed in a big way. People did not know what international Broadway theatre was, neither the sponsors nor the public. I was asked if I will put up a screen in the auditorium and stream cartoons! But I learnt to be resilient, I learnt I have to educate the market, I realised that I needed to communicate the novelty of the experience. 

Another instance was when I tried to launch an Indian fusion mithai and it did not take off at all. That project got stalled at the product development stage and I realised that I needed to let it go as it was not developing the way we had envisaged it.

Another example is how we had imagined Xtraview only as a product for high school students, but as we launched in the middle of the pandemic and the response was not as we had anticipated in that segment. But that pushed us to develop Xtraprep workshops and also realise how Xtraview did not need to be limited to school students but could be of great value to college students also. 

FailWise: What are those motivational words and quotations that resonate within you when you feel low or distracted? 

Kavitta: A lot of encouragement from the family. If you have a great relationship with the team at work, then they are a constant support and motivate you.

A phrase that has stayed with me from when Obama became President at his swearing in ceremony is "YES WE CAN".

A song that I have heard a lot of during creating Xtraview is "I believe I can Fly" by R Kelly.

FailWise:. If time travel is possible and you can meet your younger version, what advice would you want to give to your younger self?

Kavitta: I would want to go to study abroad as I chose not to when I was younger. Apart from that I would do everything exactly the way I did, except maybe launch Xtraview earlier.

FailWise: Did you face any gender associated obstacles? 

Kavitta: Honestly, neither have I ever played the woman card and nor have I faced any gender obstacles. I firmly believe if you give respect you get it back. I have worked with both men and women without any issue of any sort.

FailWise: Any message that you want to give on Women’s day.

Kavitta: I think every day is Women's day! Be secure in who you are. To me feminism is just having the choice to choose. Make your own choices and then be happy with them. Continue to learn, upskill yourself and widen your horizon.

FailWise: Awards, accolades, or any recognition that you and your venture received. 

Kavitta: Xtraview was launched in September 2020, it's a little early for awards but we are trailblazing our way to the podium in the near future!

FailWise: Where can we find you online? 



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