Thank You Ma

Thank You Ma

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Thank you ma for giving me birth,

Thanks for bringing me to the Earth,

Thanks for teaching me life.

How to be joyful and win the strife.

Thanks for teaching me to be bold,

Keep the inner glow, virtue can't be sold.

Thanks for teaching me the inner beauty,

To be good and perform one's duty.

Thanks to making me feel I can learn,

Sky is the limit and I can achieve,

You are strong, independent at 73,

You empower me to be who I want to be.

You often miss dad but he is watching you from afar,

Twinkling like a Golden star

(dedicated to all mothers on Mother's day)

Soma  Mukherjee

HR Corporate trainer, model, actor, food blogger, beauty pageant winner, FB contest winner, a passionate writer.


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