Unmasked Life in Reality

Unmasked Life in Reality

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People wear different masks,
Selecting as per task.
Showing fake and real identity,
Hiding real personality.
What you see it's not true,
Deep down it's new.
One can be as fake as it gets,
In social media posts different takes.
They have 60 shades of Grey,
Which changes according to their prey.
It's laughable at their ignorance,
How do they define their existence,
Living like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
Multiple personalities in the slide.
How do they know which mask to wear each day?
How do they know which words to say?
How do they pretend so much?
God only knows how they live as such.

Soma  Mukherjee

HR Corporate trainer, model, actor, food blogger, beauty pageant winner, FB contest winner, a passionate writer.


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