Your Personal Reality is Your Personality and Fate

Your Personal Reality is Your Personality and Fate

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Yes, you read it right. You yourself choose to be what you reflect by your personality. The type of habits you cultivate, even the type of clothes you generally like to wear and most important is your body language and the words you use to communicate to others, these all things are influenced by your friend circle, a lot.

It’s really true that a man is known by the company he keeps. This is just because we remain in our friend circle for most of the time or we spend most of our leisure time with them. We humans have a habit of unknowingly imitating others' style, somewhat comparable to our scientific ancestor i.e., monkeys. “

Show me your friends and I can tell you who you are.

Not only our habits but also our overall success or failures in life to some extent depends upon the friend circle we keep. “Show me your friends and I will show you your future”. If you are a student and your friend circle is more inclined towards parting, clubbing and not much inclined towards studies then they will force you to join them or you yourself might feel that if everyone is enjoying, Why not me?

Similarly, if you are in some job and suppose you want to devote your weekends to some NGO but your friends are going for trips every weekend then they may pressurize you to accompany them or you yourself can’t hold back and thus get involved with them. As it is well said often “Bad company corrupts good character”.

In a similar way suppose you are only the lazy and demotivated brag in your whole group and the rest all are highly laborious, creative, and all-rounder. So, while living with them all, at the end of the day you also will learn something from them for sure. You may become a jack of many games and even can be the master of some. You will be able to explore all new self within and this can even give your life breathe taking makeovers.

Surround yourself with those who make you feel higher.

Surround yourself with people who tend to inspire you, are positive, hardworking, highly motivated, and most importantly they have the basic ethics required to be known as Homo sapiens.

Although you can’t change the world around you still you can change the people around you and choose your gang which giggles together, enjoy together at the same time who also hold each other’s hand so as to fly high. Walk with the dreamers, the successful people, courageous, planners, the doers with their heads in the cloud, and their feet on the ground.

When we meet very many different and ambitious people, we tend to learn new theories, sometimes by the life experience of others’ or at times by the stories they have. Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desires, and ambitions, they will help you realize your own.

We all know very well how a plant kept away from sunlight start to grow pale and unhealthy because it is not getting an environment good enough for its proper growth and development. Similar is the case with us, if we are encircled by the bad people around us then we tend to drain our personality and hinder our progress. So choose your friends wisely. Just like a plant, you too are a product of your environment, so surround yourself with the best. Sky will be the limit for you if you choose to keep encouraging and hard-working people around you as your friends.

In today’s world of social media, most of us must have seen one meme over there at one point in time or other that People make you or break you. Jokes apart, but the content of that meme is what I found really true. Surely people around us can lift our lives if they are believers and great doers but at the same time, they could drain us if they are corrupt. Keep people in your life that change you for the better.

As life changes, so will your circle. People inspire you or they drain you. So choose wisely and surround yourself with the best people as a bunch of your friends.


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