Instructions to record your VIDEO story

Instructions to record your VIDEO story

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If you think you can record your story as a video, that would be great!!

We call them “TUF Talks”, and we will post them on our Youtube channel and website. We will also spread them in our circles and other social media too. 

Following are some points that you should keep in mind before recording the video (1 to 15 min long). 

(1) Use HD settings or 4K settings in your phone or camera. 

(2) Make sure there is no background noise (use a microphone if you can). 

(3) Make sure there is light coming on your face, not from the background. 

(4) Make sure your background is good. Plain or white is the best.

(5) If you are reading... please try to maintain eye contact with the camera. 

(6) you can make videos in different parts. We will combine them. But please give them numbers to tell us the sequence 

(7) Make sure your voice is clear. 

While telling the story: 

  1. Tell about yourself. 
  2. Start with your story in a way that one can connect the points. 
  3. Tell some very important experiences, opinions, and learnings that you believe can be useful to others. 
  4. Convey the conclusion with some remarks and changes that you want to bring or that can motivate the audiences. 

Tell us if you are facing any problems in drafting this. 

We can help you to draft it and record it. 

Thanks again 

Best regards

Team FailWise