frequently asked questions

Yes, off course you can.
You can write all those topics that you may have faced in your lifetime (see our categories) with some experiences and knowledge that you believe can be useful for others. It’s not required that it should be only with some great end. You can share even mistakes that end with some difficult results.
As such no limit. But we prefer that it should be reasonably short, crisp with the all-important point that needs to cover to convey the right message.
Yes. Absolutely. Even on self-help topics.
Yes you can. You can use other images too but make sure they are not copyrighted.
Yes. But you need their consent too. Else it will be totally your responsibility.
No. You cannot. You need to take written permission with us.
Yes, we do help. You can narrate your idea or story and email us. Else, just send us an email that you want to share something, we will get back to you soon.
Generally it takes 3-4 business days. Sometimes less or longer, depends on the quality of the contents and required edits.
No, not at all. It all depends on the quality, and relevance of the entry. If it is not fulfilling our standards, we will not publish it.